laura creer

Long Silver Earrings

30 GBP

These striking textured earrings are eye-catching and unique, perfect fo those looking for a standout pair of silver earrings.

These sterling silver earrings are handmade using a contemporary jewellery making technique called reticulation. The surface of the silver is melted to create a wrinkled effect, this forms unique and organic patterns. The length of these earrings are slightly longer than most earrings, making them great for those who have long and short hair, as they always stand out.

These earrings are mounted on a small paper board as shown, they are hand drawn and each one has a different branch design. They will be sent to you in a little black box.

Please note: Items may differ slightly from the images as each piece is individually made and the techniques used create different results each time. This ensures you have a unique piece of jewellery, but rest assured the overall design remains consistent.

Made from:

Materials: Sterling silver

Care: Keep silver jewellery in an airtight container to avoid tarnishing and regularily polish with a soft jewellery cloth.


Measurements are approximately 0.5cm x 5cm for the long silver section, and 6.2cm long in total including the earring wire.